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CrossingMeta was founded by Seán Cummings, Amanda Lockitch, and Mélissa Powell after a successful joint venture with the staging of Crossing by local playwright C.E. Gatchalian at the Playwright's Theatre Centre Studio in 2004. Since then Meta has created main stage shows, associated productions, or developed new works each and every season with dedication, passion, and integrity.

Our Artistic Production Team are:

Amanda Lockitch, Artistic Director
Seán Cummings, Artistic Producer

Our Board of Directors are:

Dr. Gillian Lockitch, Co-Chair, Physician (retired) Professor Emerita, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Janet Walker, Co-Chair, BSc.N, MSN, RN, Adjunt Professor, Nursing, UBC

Errol Durbach, UBC

META is a registered charity in Canada: #86067-2435-RR0001


The purpose of the society is a) to produce visually dynamic live theatre productions for general audiences, b) to create relationships with and afford opportunities for emerging and established artists to work together, and c) to act as a resource centre for theatre artists.

Our work challenges our audience and existing theatrical boundaries by employing innovative staging techniques, intelligent and thought provoking material, and brave artists and artisans.

We strive:
To be a magnet for promising and seasoned talent through bold and courageous leadership.
To produce works which resonate for a diverse modern Vancouver audience though dynamic textual interpretation and dramaturgy.
To revel in the impact of controversial and affective material which touches and reflects the diversity of our local community.
To make a difference in our community by exciting and stimulating the imagination in order to provoke thoughtful debate in our audiences.
To maximize the impact of our work by encouraging community access and providing an outlet for the probing of important social concerns though outreach and educational programs.

We Value:
A professional environment characterized by transparent, respectful, and supportive interactions.
Our commitment to serve and respect our audience.
Artistic, intellectual and emotional growth of ourselves and others.
Risk-taking in the pursuit of our goals while maintaining fiscal prudence.


“The Meta team is both administratively strong and artistically inspired. They efficiently created the organizational power needed to bring Crossing and Broken to the stage, and brought my work to life in ways that I never imagined.” - C.E. Gatchalian

"The atmosphere of generosity and inclusiveness that pervades a Meta production lays the groundwork for the best sort of creation--the sort that comes from an open heart. " - Thrasso Petras

Mimi Abrahams
Set Design - Kindertransport
Ryan Biel
Actor - Crossing
Sean Allan
Production - Kindertransport
Actor - Bent
Noa Anatot
Stage Manager - Bent
Nancy Bell
Actor - Kindertransport
David Bloom
Fight Director - Falling In Time
Niki Boyd
Set Design - Bent
Stage Manager - Broken
Stage Manager - Warriors
Stage Manager - Never Swim Alone
Ruth Brown
Actor - Never Swim Alone
Ariel Buchan
Costume Design - Warriors
Costume Design - Never Swim Alone
Sara Bynoe
Publicity - Unstuck
Jethelo E. Calibete
Stage Manager - Falling In Time
Anastasia Capt
Actor - Kindertransport

Sean Cook
Publicist - Warriors
Publicist - Never Swim Alone

Seán Cummings
Media Design - Unstuck
Director - Falling In Time
Sound Design/Production - Kindertransport
Actor - Bent
Director/Sound Design - Broken
Actor - Warriors
Producer - Never Swim Alone/Warriors
Director - Crossing
Lois Dawson
Stage Manager - Kindertransport
Tanja Dixon-Warren
Actor - Kindertransport
Actor - Broken
Michael Dobbin
Director - Unstuck
Miranda Duffy
Actor - Kindertransport
Itai Erdal
Set & Lighting Design - Falling In Time
Moira Fentum
Costume Design - Broken
Dani Feco
Production Manager - Falling In Time
Michael Fera
Director - Kindertransport
Actor - Broken

Jeffrey Fisher
Fight Director - Bent
Assistant Director - Broken
Actor - Warriors
Producer - Never Swim Alone/Warriors

Al Frisk
Set Design - Warriors
Set Design - Never Swim Alone
Timothy Furness
Technical Director - Falling In Time
C.E. Gatchalian
Playwright - Falling In Time
Playwright - Broken
Playwright - Crossing
Christopher David Gauthier
Costume Coordination - Unstuck
Costume & Props Design - Falling In Time
Manami Hara
Actor - Falling In Time
Erin Harris
Lighting Design - Warriors
Lighting Design - Never Swim Alone
Lighting Design - Crossing
Ryan Hesp
Actor - Bent
Annie Jang
Stage Manager - Unstuck
Raphael Kepinsky
Actor - Kindertransport
Ntsikie Kheswa
Actor - Broken
Kevin Kraussler
Actor - Falling In Time
Actor - Unstuck
Sebastian Kroon
Actor - Bent
Mandi Lau
Set & Lighting Assistance - Falling In Time
Joshua Lewis
Actor - Bent
Amanda Lockitch
Director - Bent
Dramaturg - Broken
Director/Multi-Media - Warriors
Director- Never Swim Alone
Actor - Crossing
Kenji Maeda
Production Manager - Falling In Time
Chris MacDonald
Publicist - Broken
Publicist - Crossing
Glenn MacDonald
Set Design - Unstuck
Alec MacNeill Richardson
Multi-media Design - Warriors
Sean Malmas
Lighting Design - Unstuck
Haley Marchant
Make-up - Bent
Billy Marchenski
Actor - Bent
Daniel Martin
Actor - Never Swim Alone
Misha Martinot
Costume Design - Kindertransport
Fiona Martinelli
Actor - Kindertransport
Kirsti Mikoda
Technical Assistant - Warriors
Technical Assistant - Never Swim Alone
Technical Assistant - Crossing
Allan Morgan
Actor - Falling In Time
Yvan Morrisette
Set Design - Broken
Sean Harris Oliver
Actor - Unstuck
Carolyn Orazietti
Musical Director - Bent
Todd Parker
Props - Kindertransport
Thrasso Petras
Actor - Bent
Actor - Broken
Actor - Never Swim Alone
Mélissa C. Powell
Lighting Design - Kindertransport
Lighting Design - Bent
Lighting Design - Broken
Stage Manager - Crossing
Michael Rinaldi
Sound Design - Falling In Time
Marie Rondot
ASM - Kindertransport
Ari Solomon
Actor - Unstuck
Jennifer Smith
Production - Bent
Production - Crossing
Krista Sung
Costume Design - Bent
Evan Tsitsias
Playwright - Unstuck
Nelson Wong
Actor - Broken
Actor - Falling In Time
Marcus Wu
Set & Costume Design - Crossing


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